My # 1 Reason for traveling.

October 23, 2014

My favorite reason for traveling is that it makes me feel like a "kid on Christmas morning " EVERY time I visit a new destination and some old ones. That feeling of the unknown and opportunity of adventure overwhelms me and I am always walking around smiling as if I know something that no one else knows. Lol Also, while  visiting "old towns" in Europe I hear Andrea Bocelli singing in my head. Don't know why. Love his music and guess the architecture seems Italian. Lol Only my 3 grandkids, Kade, Madison and Lily have that power to make me feel the same way. 

Traveling during the "shoulder" season.

October 21, 2014

The "shoulder" season is the perod of time right before or right after the tourist season. Benefits are that it is always less crowded and less expensive. Usually the weather is also good for travel or even better such as in Europe when the masses descend in the heat of summer. Europe is much bettter in Spring or Fall with cooler temperatures. I have been rewarded traveling through Eastern Europe with magnificent weather and almost no one in the dorms. On 2 occasions I have had the dorm to myself. Nothing like a private room for only $12.

Belgrade, Serbia

'October 20, 2014

Staying at Madness Hostel near Republic Square, the center of everything. So far only person staying at the hostel. Lots of pedestrian sidewalk cafes and shopping and they are very proud of their nightlife.
I did the FREE (tips appreciated) guided walking tour around Belgrade which lasted 3 hours. I, personally, am not a guided tour kinda person where they overload you with 1500 years of the cities history but some are.  The tour started off somewhat unusual as we were all given a shot of RAKIA, the local plum liquer, that can be lethal. Nothing like a shot at 11 am. The walk was really nice and enjoyed the Belgrade Fortress overlooking the Danube River. 3 nights in Belgrade and then flying to Split, Croatia for hopefully fun n sun.

Next day I enjoyed my favorite day of each place I visit. It usually involves walking around, obseving and watching everyday life of the country I am visiting. Revisited the Belgrade Fortress and had so much better time than on the tour. Saw more and had a chance to explore. The Fortress has the Sava River and Danube River on two sides. The rivers converge at one point.

Tilaran, Albania

October 18, 2014

Taxi to Struga then bus to Tilaran, Albania (4 hrs). Only 1 night here which was plenty. Not very exciting from what I saw. Supposedly has lively nightlife but trying to keep costs down. Fly to Belgrade, Serbia tomorrow.