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After getting my first passport in 2006 and traveling to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania my life changed. I began the process of getting rid of all my possessions and traveling the world. Traveling to over 125 countries and all 7 continents, hostels have been my home. This "new life" has taught me what is important and it was NOT accumulating money or possessions. Traveling is the best education. I hope my blog will encourage others to travel. My World Tattoo was a way for me to express my PASSION FOR TRAVEL.

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ITALY, Naples

 June 27-29, 2021

Last 3 days in Italy this trip. Also, my first time to stay overnight in Naples.  Typically I have only changed trains here on my way to Sorrento. They say you love it or hate it but I'm indifferent. The FOOD is amazing but most sights don't compare with other Italian cities. Of course, I was only here 2 nights so I'm sure I missed some great sights. My true purpose for staying here was to take a direct flight to Santorini from Naples for only $36. Not bad for the 2 hour flight.


ITALY, Sorrento

 June 19-27, 2021

After Rome I decided to spend my remaining time in Italy on the Amalfi Coast.  My first 5 days will be just outside Sorrent in Sant Agnello only 1.5 miles from Sorrento center. My first 3 nights are at a beautifu Convent, the Domus San Vincenzo, where I got a single room for 40 euro a night. Then I will move to 7 Hostel for $14 a night in dorm bed. Only have to to walk about 100 feet when I change accomodations.  The last 3 nights will be at Ulisse Deluxe which is beautiful Hotel/Hostel. I will be in dorm again.

My accommodation. 

My only complaints at the Convent is NO AIR CON. My room was very warm until about midnight with the windows open. Unfortunately mopeds "screaming" on the streets until 2 am contributed to difficulty sleeping until 2 am.

Next 2 nights I stayed at 7 Hostels which was located only 150 feet from the Convent. Enjoyed the hostel vibe and $14 a night dorm bed including breakfast.  Not bad view from Hostel rooftop bar.

My last 3 nights will be at Ulisse Deluxe which is typically a luxury hotel that has a few dorm beds at $30 a night but is next to Sorrento Center with its shops,  restaurants and pubs.